2011 Bannerman Trail Run
9/2/11  ******CANCELLED*****   
Unfortunately we have had to cancel the race at the last minute. Severe storms swept fast and furious through Waushara County this morning. Winds in excess of 60mph uprooted trees all and broke off branches. Crews are working hard to clear roadways and the trail will not be accessible in time for the race. Our sincerest apologies to all of you that planned on kicking off thier holiday weekend with us and supporting the Waushara CCRT efforts against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.

13th Annual Bannerman Trail Benefit Run for Waushara County Coordinated Community Repsonse Team against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.
Sept. 3rd, 2011 Redgranite WI
What is a CCRT?
A coordinated community response (CCR) team brings together key players in community systems to develop strategies and procedures in systems response to sexual assault and/or domestic violence. These strategies will aim to establish ways for the community to intervene in a way that ends abuse. Sexual assault and domestic violence victims can be of any age, gender, race, ability, or sexual orientation and there may be an array of places in the community where victims may go to seek help or tell their story.

Intervention through a coordinated community response is a way of using legitimate sources of power in a community, such as the court system, to tell a perpetrator of abuse that the community cares about sexual and domestic violence and will do everything in its power to protect the victim. Perpetrators of sexual assault and domestic violence can be very coercive and manipulative. Without a coordinated response, offenders will avoid responsibility for their behaviors and likely move on to another victim.

Some victims will choose to report their situation to criminal authorities—others will not. A coordinated community response needs to encompass the options that victims have, and to provide for their support and healing in varied community settings. 

The purpose of a Coordinated Community Response Team (CCR) is to provide a multidisciplinary approach and response to issues around domestic violence and sexual assault. The CCR teams can assist service providers and system members in communication, networking, and collaboration, bringing to light gaps in protocols or other services needed to support victims. The team is ALSO a place where members of the community, offender treatment providers, schools, and clergy members work together with system/service providers to discuss violence and its effect on the community, and then equally and collectively participate in developing services, planning events, and creating prevention strategies needed to boost community awareness and decrease violence. Members of a CCR Team may include: 
SANE nurses/medical personnel 
Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Advocates 
Law Enforcement 
Business owners 
School staff 
AODA counselors 
Community members
Representatives from Human Services

Goals of a CCR Team: 
Maximize community awareness and safety, protection, and response for victims without the use of case reviews. 
Ensure a victim-centered response to violence and access to community resources 
Hold offenders accountable 
Include/represent underserved populations affected by Domestic Violence and/or sexual assault: ethnic minorities, LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans-gendered), older adults, people with disabilities, and male victims to ensure a voice and access to resources.


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