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Waushara CCRT News

2009-The Waushara Domestic Violence CCRT and the newly formed Sexual Assualt CCRT combined forced into a dual team. Sexual Assault Advocacy Services were started and the team worked hard to come up with an action plan to be able to provide services to Sexual assault victims in our area. Previously they had to seek services in the neighboring counties and that could mean over an hour drive to obtain a SANE exam (forensic exam taken after a sexual assault) or meet with an advocate for support. The WCCRT was awarded the "2009 Voices of Courage award" from the state of Wisconsin for our efforts in fighting for services in our rural area. 
2010-Today, many of those barriers still exist. However, because of efforts made by members of our community and the efforts of WCCRT training for SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners) are being held in our area. Medical providers are being made aware of the need for complete services and the need to have them made available 24/7. 2 training sessions will be held this fall. In August 2010 the Waushara County CCRT made a $500 donation to the Wild Rose Hospital to help offset the cost of sending nurses to this training and to aid in purchasing some of the necessary equipment that is needed to complete these exams.
We continue to discuss issues involving Domestic Violence as well. Services for victims of DV are more established but are constantly being reviewed and looked at for ways to improve access to services for all victims. Members of the community that have an interest in joining the WCCRT may contact us for more information.
Through support the Waushara CCRT assisted CAP Services in obtaining a grant to provide a part time Sexual Assault Advocate in Waushara County. This is a great start in improving services for victims in waushara county!
2011- Waushara County has joined in with Green Lake County and Marquette county as a Tri-county effort to provide services to Sexual Assault Services. This collaborative team is made up of Law Enforcement, District Attorneys, SANE nurses, Victim Advocates and other interested community partners. There is also a new program called the victim impact panel. The model was taken from Drunk Driving Victim Impact Panels. The perpetrator was faced with a panel of victims that explain how this crime has impacted thier lives or the loss of loved ones. The same concept was adopted for perpetrators of Domestic Violence. They will sit before a panel of former victims that describe how violence has affected thier lives. Some share thier view of what it was like to be a child in a family plagued by Domestic Abuse. The response has been very positive by both panel members and those that had perpetrated the crime.